What is the relationship between sponsor and fan page?

Sponsor is your identity when you launch a campaign on FeverSocial
Linking your sponsor account to a Facebook Fan Page is optional, but if you do link them, all campaigns sponsored will be automatically linked with the same fan page.  
The Fan Page widget will be displayed on the promo page and the Page like button will be displayed in the promo flow to encourage participants to become a fan.  
Note:  Starting November 5, 2014, Facebook no longer allows 3rd party apps such as FeverSocial to implement the fan gate function, which requires participants to become fans when entering a promotion.

One sponsor can only be linked to one fan page
Once a sponsor account is linked to a Page, the Page cannot be substituted.  You can, however, modify the Sponsor Name after linking.
If you linked an account by mistake, please email us to correct the problem at support@feversocial.com

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