How do I manage a sponsor's administrator rights?

Add a Facebook Page administrator
If you want to run promotions for a Fan Page you manage, make sure you have Page admin status before logging onto FeverSocial.
Step1.  Choose "Edit > Administrator Role" on the fan page. 
Step2.  Enter new account name and submit. 
Step3.  Enter into the backstage page of FeverSocial and click "Register" to complete authorization.
Step4.  You can see the sponsor connecting to the fan page. 

Creating a Sponsor Account with a Facebook Page connection

When you logged into FeverSocial with your Facebook account for the first time, please make sure to authorize FeverSocial to "manage your fan page", so FeverSocial can determine which Fan Pages to which you have admin right.  You can create a Sponsor account for each Page you manager; all fan page administrators can access the Sponsor account to manage campaign with their Facebook ID's. 

Creating a sponsor without a Facebook Page connection
You can also create a Sponsor account without linking it to any Facebook Page.  In this case, your Facebook account is the ONLY sponsor administrator.

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