Giving unique redemption codes as your prize

You can upload any number of unique (random) redemption codes to give to each promo participant.  Each participant can redeem online normally in your e-shop during the shopping cart check-out process (make sure your e-shop system supports unique code redemption).  He/ she can also print out a copy the coupon or save it on a mobile device for in-store redemption. 

*Uploading the codes:  Use csv file format to upload the codes you have generated (the codes can be any combination of alphanumeric characters). The system will distribute one code to each participant automatically when he/she enters the promotion. 
* As coupons/ serial numbers are distributed directly online, the sponsor does not have to mail out any prizes.  Therefore, it is not necessary for the prize winners to leave contact information, and the system will not generate any form for prize winners to fill out.

Advanced functions
FeverSocial supports online redemption:  Enter the redemption website url.  The system will direct prize winner to this web page. 
FeverSocial supports in-store redemption:  The system will provide printed copy and QR code scanning function to expedite the redemption process.

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