How can I get contact information from participants?

If you'd like to collect every participant's contact info, you can use the Contact Form function.  If the Contact Form is turned on, all participants need to provide their contact information in order to qualify for the prizes.  

Go to:  Edit Promo> Promo Instructions> Promo Rules> Winner eligibility> Contact Form

Contact forms increase barrier of promotion entry
Keep in mind that by requiring participants to fill out contact info, you might be increasing user's barrier to enter.  For less "demanding" connection with your participants, You can turn on the Fan Gate options so all participants need to join your fan page in order to participate.  We also have a separate contact form for all the prize winners (except e-coupon winners) to fill out for the purpose of mailing out the prizes.

User Privacy
Be sure to explain how you will be using their info as this relates to consumer data privacy.

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