What is the qualification for free trial ?

You can try FeverSocial for free!  Register as a new sponsor to be eligible to run a 14-day promotion for FREE!

Who's qualified to run a free trial?
A sponsor account that has not yet activated any free trial.

- One-time campaign that runs for a maximum of 14 days
- Use of website plug-in function that embeds the promotion onto any website that accepts FeverSocial's JavaScript code
- Dual fan gate:  Co-sponsoring a campaign with another fan page and grow fan base together

How to get started?
1.  Login into Dashboard here, select a Fan Page you want to create a promotion for, and click on "Create Promo" to start.
     You can create as many as campaigns as you want to try out the different campaign modules, but you can only choose one to launch the free trial.
2.  Once ready, click on the "Activate trial" button to launch the campaign.

1. Every sponsor gets only one free-trial so please check all the promotion settings before launching.
2. The campaign will end 14 days after activation, and you cannot pay to extend it.
3. If you use the website plug-in to feature the promotion on your website, please note that the plug-in traffic is limited to 10,000 page views.

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