What is FeverSocial ?

FeverSocial is a next-generation social marketing campaign management platform.  Our affordable solutions help brands and businesses reach and engage with today’s mobile and connected consumers via a interactive campaigns that are highly viral on the social networks.  FeverSocial provides a wide range of modules such as contests, polls, quizzes, and games etc. to attract potential customers to participate, generate social contents, and share with their friends, thereby helping the business sponsors spread their marketing messages socially. 

You can use FeverSocial's campaign solutions to achieve a variety of marketing goals, such as increase brand awareness, conduct survey, solicit user reviews and other UGC (user-generated contents), test user knowledge, drive sales/seasonal promotions.  FeverSocial provides comprehensive dashboard and reports to help you monitor campaign performance and analyze ROI.

By running these interactive campaigns, sponsors can build contact lists and gain advanced insights about each participant, and run re-marketing campaigns to to convert these potential customers with personalized offers. 

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